All the healing I offer comes from a place of love, compassion, unity and peace for all.  Every session is unique and will offer a dedicated space for the appropriate healing to occur.

Angelic Guidance/Reading

These Guidance sessions are usually very powerful and may well help you on your pathway if you are feeling stuck or uncertain of the way forward. They may bring empowering messages, wisdom, clarity and healing.  We sit in a quiet, dedicated space and connect to the Higher Realms. Messages and guidance are then relayed through me to you (you may like to record this, so please bring an appropriate device). You may ask some questions as part of this session.These sessions are also available via Skype. An optional Angelic healing session can be given.

Guidance session 30mins £25, 60mins £40

Angelic & Galactic Reiki

This healing is offered on an individual basis and takes various forms depending on your needs at a particular time.  I will always start with a short consultation and then you may either sit in a comfortable chair or recline on a couch.  You are fully clothed throughout this session and we will be situated in a quiet, dedicated space. I usually work with a combination of hands-on and Aura healing. I bring in the energy of an Angel, Ascended Master or Star Being who come forward to offer the healing which is needed in that time and place.  This may help to clear current and past life issues and assist with self knowledge and awareness. After the healing you are given time to rest and reflect and I will share any guidance or information that has been channeled to me.  (Further information on Angelic Reiki page)

Session time 1hr      £40

Lightbody Awareness Session

As we evolve our individual energy fields are holding more light and we will, over time, become ‘Light Beings’.  This session assists in bringing awareness to your higher self and higher chakra system. By connecting in this way you may sense a loving peace and connection to Divine and Universal Love.  This loving awareness may assist in bringing a deeper understanding of your true self.

Individual Session   £40  Course of 6 Sessions £220

The Essence of You – Ascension Blend

The connection I have with Essential Oils has always remained prominent throughout my healing work.  Their energetic beauty helps so much to uplift and harmonise. The Ascension Blends are personally prescribed  and infused  with high vibrational  energy. £15 + p & p.

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