Take a moment to pause and reflect on THE common bond that connects us all – it is LOVE.  We all need and want love, it is our true nature.  When we experience it we feel ‘at home’, comfortable, content and connected to others.  We feel joyful and at peace.

Everything in the Universe is energy, including all human beings, even our thoughts and emotions are energy. The most powerful energy in the Universe is LOVE and this connects us all with one another. When our thoughts are high and filled with love our whole energetic vibration is raised which improves our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Our ‘loving vibration’ is also felt by others and assists in raising their individual vibration too.

At this stage in the evolution of humanity many of us are sensing or noticing changes which are signs of humanity’s Ascension. Astrologically we have now moved into the Aquarian age which is ruled by the feminine principle.  It is a time of community, unity, compassion, partnerships and mostly it is about getting back to love and remembering our ‘oneness’.  Living our lives from the heart not the mind.

At Roseheart we offer a ‘helping hand’ to assist you to become ‘Heart-guided’. – We offer – Guidance, workshops, channelings, meditations and healing modalities.

It is time for us all to awaken to our true-selves and ‘return to love’.


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