I have been blessed to receive the following testimonials – received with love and gratitude

‘I have been visiting Anya for several years now for her beautiful Angelic channeling, healing and meditations.  Anya is a shining light, warm, caring and a beautiful soul and I look forward to her sessions, leaving relaxed, happy with a sense of peace, ready to face the world again’.          – C. B – Uckfield

‘It is my absolute pleasure to say that I am privileged to have received some beautiful healing treatments from Anya Rose.  These treatments have taken me to a place of pure Love and Light where it is safe to let go of all dis-ease.  In addition I also attend some of her groups and classes and find her teachings of a loving purity that resonates with my Heart.  Thank you dear Anya for your Love, Generosity and Purity.  – K.B. – Heathfield

‘I have been attending one of Anya’s groups for quite a while now and always feel the benefit.  Her delivery and content is always uplifting, she is someone who understands and has great intuition.  I went to her last group feeling low, during the meditation I felt a heaviness lift.  The last few days I have been able to get back to my exercise routine and feel life is treating me well. Thank you Anya.’ – A.H. – Tunbridge Wells

‘I had a reading with Anya Rose when I had a lot of uncertainty going on in my life. She explained that firstly she would channel an Angelic message to me and then I could ask the questions I had brought with me.   The channeling from Angels and Ascended Masters answered every one of my queries with such accuracy that I didn’t need to actually ask the questions I came with.  The energy channeled was so powerful that I received healing as well as the reading.  It absolutely cannot get any better than that!.  I heartily recommend that you submit your queries to the Angels and Ascended Masters via the beautiful sacred space that Anya Rose creates’ – R.LK. – Tunbridge Wells


“Just finished Anya’s Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd degree course. I’ve done many workshops in my time but this was really SO much more profound, SO much more sacred, absolutely amazing! Also the method of administering the healing allows the practitioner to cut free from the bonds of ‘doing’ and just ‘BE’ who they truly are- in the very sacred sense. I simply cannot recommend this highly enough. Even if you have no desire to become a practitioner of Angelic Reiki, give yourself a spiritual treat as the experience you will undergo when having these sacred atttunements and healings will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Thank you Anya, wonderful conduit.”

Rosie – Tunbridge Wells

An amazing 3 days with an amazing spiritual teacher. Beautiful teaching in a loving & very caring way. I learnt so much and Anya made it very easy to understand. Explaining every step of the way. Angelic Reiki is a truly wonderful way to heal yourself and others. It has really helped with my ascension and I feel my vibration has been raised even higher as a result of this weekend workshop. If you are looking to make significant changes in your health and life, I cannot recommend Anya and this Course enough.

Sapphire, Tunbridge Wells 

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