Teaching Peace

Compassion breaks down barriers, brings deeper understanding and truthful communication.  It leads to peace and allows us to be non-judgemental about ourselves and others.  Many ‘A-ha’ moments occur when compassion leads the way.  Less efforting and trying-to leads to a clearer mind and helps us to focus on what we really want to achieve and create.  A relaxed mind helps us to make appropriate and relevant decisions.  Being truthful about ourselves first and then helping others accordingly.

We often over-burden ourselves with trying to ‘fix things’ for others because we feel it is our responsibility.  It is not. We must firstly help ourselves, be happy and content with our lives and give others the time, respect and support to live their lives as they see fit.  This may not be of our choosing but it is for them to learn and discover the truth and seek guidance when they choose to.  So stepping back and letting them decide which decisions they want to make.  Step away from the ‘tool box’. it is not your job to fix others.  It is your job to be you and focus on you.  Live and create a happy, purposeful, creative and loving life  By being at peace with yourself you are creating peace for others. By being you and expressing your uniqueness, gifts and abilities you help so many.  Do not  be swayed into fixing things for others but stand back and be an example of peace.  This is how they will learn and it is the most valuable and helpful lesson you will ever teach.

Love is You

Just take a moment and bring your attention to the area just behind where your heart is located.  Take a couple of deep breaths, focus on that area again and sense the loving feeling that is permeating from that space. Feel the love, the peace and the joy. Then when you are ready feel it slowly spreading out to the whole of your body.  Just enjoy the feeling as you relax your breathing and stay in the moment.  So this YOU this is the core of your Being and the core of your Being is LOVE. The more you connect to YOU the more you understand and appreciate that this is your true self. You are not your mind, you are not your fears and ego you are LOVE. And so is every other living Being on this planet.  Take time dear One to reflect on this and practice the process of Heartcentred living.  Once you start living your life from a place of love, joy and peace you attract only love, joy and peace. Blessings.


At this stage of humanities evolution much is changing with regard to awareness of human life purpose and communication. The illusion of separation and detachment is now over and an awakening to the truth is upon Mother Earth.  Through this awakening our senses are becoming more acute and our ability to know and understand our ‘truth’ is being revealed.  We are now able to communicate with others from the upper realms such as Angels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings.  These ‘wise ones’ offer their wisdom, healing and guidance and we only need to ask to receive these gifts.

Because our heart centres have been opened and expanded we are now able to use the facility of ‘Heartsense’.  Thus seeing and sensing the truth and love in ourselves and others.  This sensing is available to all but those of a sensitive nature are able to access and use this more readily.  This is a learning and practicing procedure and the more we are able to experience this new way the easier it will become to transmit this loving energy to ourselves and others.  By sharing and generating this love frequency we can assist in awakening and guiding others.

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