We are at a very significant time in the evolution of humanity.  This evolution is known as the Ascension process.  Ascension is the raising of our own personal energy frequency which will lead to changes in the physical body and increase our mental, emotional and spiritual awareness.  It happens as we bring more of our Divine light and presence into physical form. Many are awakening to these changes.  You may notice that in daily life you become kinder, non-judgemental, compassionate and loving.   As changes occur there may be some emotional, mental and physical challenges and at RoseHeart we aim to help you with these issues.  As you become more spiritually aware you may sense your loving connection to the Higher Realms and the presence of Angels and other Light Beings.  This new ‘way of being’ is open to all of us and RoseHeart offers support and guidance.

Ascension support

All of the connections which I make with the Higher Realms and all of the meetings I have with individuals and groups are part of the process of increasing our awareness and raising our vibration.  It is this process which I believe is a fundamental part of the Ascension of Humankind.  The more that we share love, the more positive thoughts we have, the more we treat each other with kindness and care then the more peace and happiness we will bring to the world.  This is about raising our individual vibrations and I believe that we all know when we are in the presence of like-minded, high vibrational people.  So wherever you are on your Ascension pathway RoseHeart offers assistance with workshops, gatherings and healings to support your progress.

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