Channeling Tuition

The majority of the healing I offer, whether on an individual basis or in groups, is guided by information which is channeled to me from Divine Source via Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Beings of Love and Light.  I have developed the ability to channel this information over a number of years.  Should you feel guided to develop this ability yourself and wish to learn some simple techniques I can offer tuition.  This can be on an individual basis or in small groups.  I know I have been gifted with the ability to make strong and clear connections and realise that the experience will be different for every individual.  However, if I can help to show some people the way forward with this then it will help to  bring more love and light into the world.  Then if these skills are passed on and on then more and more people will benefit and the whole vibration of humanity will gradually be raised.

Please contact me for details.


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