A selection of Guided Meditations to help you at every stage of your life.

Channeled Meditations

I have been guided to offer regular LoveLight Connection gatherings to assist in raising individual and global vibrations.  During these gatherings we connect to Divine LoveLight and anchor this beautiful energy to The Earth. These meditations aim to bring healing to all those present and assist in promoting peace, love, compassion and unity for all.  I normally receive guidance before these gatherings and plan two or three meditations, which offer healing to those gathered. The energy present also helps to raise the vibration of humanity and increase soul consciousness.  If you are interested in joining one of these gatherings please contact me.  (please see Event page for dates)

Birthing into Love – Guided Healing Meditations

The following two healing meditations have recently been channeled to me by the Angelic Realm.  I feel both honoured and humble to offer this sacred work.  Please contact me for further details.

Birthing into Love –  our arrival

For some of us our entry into this world may not have been as harmonious as we would have liked.  There may have been trauma or complications in regard to our own or our children’s birth.  This Birthing into Love Guided Meditation/Healing guides you through the whole birth experience from a place of love.  Leading you gently into the world with Angelic love and support.  Sensing the love and connection to your Earth family and enhancing the lifetime bonds. 

Birthing into Love – our departure

So little is discussed with regard to our departure from this world. At this time many of us may feel frightened and alone. This Birthing into Love Guided Meditation helps you to sense and experience the love and care of Angelic Beings. This loving connection aims to bring comfort,  loving support and awareness as you journey into ‘Eternal Love & Peace’.

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