Light Language is the root of all languages.  A Universal Language that can only be understood with the Heart. It is not only spoken through the voice in forms of toning and singing but also expressed through writing and sigils.
These expressed high vibrational frequencies are here for us to remember the truth of who we are.  It is not intended to be understood or translated through the logical mind and intellect.
The heart is our most intelligent guide, every attempt at trying to understand this language with our linear mind restricts us from letting transformation occur.
My choice to join humanity at this time on Earth is to support and assist Mother Earth and humanity with the awakening of consciousness and the transition into a New Earth paradigm.  For me Light Language is the language of the divine feminine and this is expressed through the sigils.
Light Language is a powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of love. From a metaphysical point of view, light language allows us to communicate directly with Source without the interference of the programmed human mind. The sigils may assist with healing and restoration on all levels.  Each sigil is created to harmonise your individual energy field.  
Each piece is £15.
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